For some, shame may have very little effect while for others, it may haunt them for their entire lives. Since everyone experiences it in unique and different ways, so are the remedies to healing unique to each person!

From "Shame On Me"

Available for all types of groups, John has the uncanny ability to hold the attention of his audience no matter if he is discussing his own battles or pointing out ways for the listeners to examine theirs.

Utilizing his experiences as coach, teacher, and salesperson, John captivates the listeners in dynamic ways. The programs are geared to inspire thinking and self-reflection techniques. His seminars are not simply emotional calls to action. The audience is challenged uniquely and according to its make-up.

The examples from his own life are explained so the listener has a clearer way of introspection and utilizing these techniques for their own personal growth. Audiences leave his seminars with fresh approaches and the importance of why we should be constantly getting a greater understanding who we are.

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