Shame on Me
My journey to heal from a life of shame-based thinking


In May of 2011, my life began unraveling in front of me. My marriage 22 of years hit a major hurdle which could not be overcome. I had no clue how to fix it but in one final attempt, I reached out to an amazing therapist. After a few sessions, we decided to end the marriage however, I stayed on hoping to find out what was wrong in my life. “Tell me what to do and I’ll do it” was my answer. Following directions was something I did rather well and was determined to pay attention to the smallest details.

What I didn’t realize was that this type of thinking was the problem. I always had reached out to others in search of answers that could only be found from within. I didn’t understand what it was about my own thinking that was the roadblock. The negative things that I learned to believe about myself created destructive patterns that would ultimately set me up for failure. I needed the tools to help me discover those adverse thinking patterns and gain insight on how to change them.

I was so intent on fixing myself that I taped all of my sessions, journaled quite frequently and emailed them to my therapist in between sessions. Little did I know that all this work would be a huge benefit in writing this book. I examine my thoughts and talk about the discoveries and put them in applicable ways so that you can apply them to your lives as well. There is nothing more discouraging than when we go through difficult times and someone tells you to get over it or put it behind you. What does that really mean? This book covers it in a way that is understandable.

Healing from these past struggle, is the first step in moving forward but how can we heal? My victories in overcoming shame and the negative beliefs about myself are explained in a way that helps it apply to each one of us. Without healing we build on an unsteady foundation and it may cause us to lose any ground we may have gained. It is once again important to understand what it is about our thinking that created these problems and how we can take steps to conquer them.
Once you read this book, not only will it change your outcome of your own life but it will lay a foundation for change in you. As enriching as this entire experience was for me, my hope is it will your touch life as well. Thank you.