What people are saying about "Shame On Me"

“Your book, thus far, has sent my mind into overdrive. the chapters I've read so far are not only giving me keen insight into you, rather (and most importantly) deep insight into myself and flawed thinking patterns.. “  
-Taylor B.

"I have read a pile of self-help books but in this book, the tools he introduces are the most powerful I have ever experienced.” 
 - Casey C

"I barely started reading and it already has the wheels turning in my head.” 
 - Gianna P

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An intimate look into how and why we learn to think

negatively about who we are and how to heal.

​"Shame on Me:  

My journey to heal from a life of shame-based thinking

All of us have had to deal with thoughts of self-doubt and confusion, but we also never recognize the potential damage some of those thoughts produce. Shame – the negative things we believe about ourselves – can be a powerful springboard that triggers many types of destructive results in our everyday lives. It produces a wide array of feelings from unworthiness to outright arrogance. It is truly one of the most damaging emotions, yet least talked about in our society. That is all about to change. 

This book is more than an autobiographical account. It digs deep into the thought processes of the journey and details struggles that were overcome once the real enemy was discovered. Who was the real enemy?  Who was the one standing between me and my own success?